• Atelier for Tea bag art

  • Atelier for Tea bag art

  • Atelier for Tea bag art

  • Atelier for Tea bag art

  • Atelier for Tea bag art

Product Range

Tea bags made from Cotton gauze

Tea bags made from Transparent Material

Tea bags in transparent Single Envelope

Tea bags in Single Envelope with Imprint




The IFS was founded specifically for the food industry, who deliver private label products to trading firms. The following criteria are being reviewed:
Corporate responsibility, HACCP analysis, Personell hygiene, gray goods and product specifications, his analysis of potential containment, retractability, internal audits, product retractions and product call back and implementation of corrective measures.



The ecological aspect is playing an increasingly important role for producer as well as for the end user. As a company we are measuring up to that requirement. EKOGWARANCJA PTRE is the largest certification unit for the whole Polish market (based on the data of the Polish ministry for agriculture and rural development). Part of their task include the certification of Polish producers, whose products are being manufactured in accordance with order 834/2007. Food products that are being controlled by the Ekogwarancja PTRE are being exported to EU countries and the USA. 

Tea manufacture

Our Tea Bag Manufacture is confectioning tea and herbs in hand made tea bags.


We manufacture handmade tea bags with the help of our motivated and experienced team since over 10 years. This type of handmade manufacturing is making it possible to fill the tea bags with large uncut tea leafs, herbs and flowers. These tea and herb mixtures give the tea connoisseurs a more refined taste and flavour. The naturally large tea, herb and flower components are also well visible in our handmade transparent tea bags.

Packaging materials:

The majority of the packaging materials which we are using in our tea bag manufacture are based on renewable, compostable and biodegradable raw materials. The filter material in our handmade tea bags are made of cotton or of biodegradable material based on corn starch. The thread for the sewing of the tea bags is made from natural and unbleached cotton.


The production of our tea bag manufacture is located in the middle of Europe in Torun, Poland. Our production site, can be reached easier, thanks to the modernization of the transport network and the development of the highway.

Production Philosophy:

Our goal is to be a part of an economy, which is based on ecological sustainability. For this reason we already organic certified our production in 2003. Sustainability is important for us and the subsequent generations.



About us

We are packing tea, as a family company, since 25 years. Based on this long-standing experience we have been able to develop competency in this specialized field, which we gladly share with our business partners.

The highest priority for us are the quick implementation of new projects, flexible adaptation of the requirements of our clients and meeting delivery dates.

We are specialized on small and middle sized productions. We are working with clients from Germany, France, other European countries and for oversee markets.


Pukala Polska - Tea packing is our key competency

Contact details

Pukala Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Poznańska 152, 87-100 Toruń
Tel.: +48 56 658 00 50, Fax: +48 56 658 00 51
e-mail: pukala@pukala.com

CEO / Production Management 
Cecylia Pukala
Tel. +48 880 850 045

Andreas Pukala
Tel. +48 792 850 045

Office Management / Quality control
Katarzyna Błażejewska

Warehouse management
Zbigniew Chmielewski


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